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Welcome to the World of Mind Mapping!

Mind Mapping has been around for many years. It is a graphically designed art-technique that puts on paper what you are observing, along with a path forward. I have been using Mind Maps for years in counseling.

For example, in the Mind Map, Small God Complex (see pic below), I was listening to a couple talk about all the elements of what was wrong with the wife. As they were talking, too many things began to accumulate in my mind to where I could not keep up with the conversation.

I began to write down all the things they were saying, and when they were done I built the “small god” Mind Map while in their presence, asking them along the way if I was hearing them correctly. They affirmed each aspect of the Map and when we were done, the Map was what we had.

Several months later I wrote an article to accompany the Mind Map (see Mind mapping a lady with a small god), while changing the details of the article so it would not reflect that couple, though the Mind Map is a close representation to what we discussed during the counseling.

I have found Mind Mapping to be an excellent resource when working with people through problems. I use MindNode, which works well with my Mac. There are scores of Mind Mapping software on the market today. Perhaps you will find a better one that suits you.

The table below has several Mind Maps for your use. Many of them have accompanying articles to explain the Maps, which are in PDF and JPG formats for you. I hope these Maps prove to be a blessing to you and those you serve.

The Mind Map Mind Map Article
Character Formation Article
Choices: Road Map for Life Choices Article
Church: Ministry of the Word Article
Conscience: OneTwoThree Article
Exchanging the Truth for Lies Article
Gossip Mind Map Article
Gospel Response vs. Natural Response Article
How to Solve the Mystery to Enjoy the Abundant Life Article
Joy: Map OneTwoThree Article
Joy: Map OneTwo Article
Maturity: Christian Maturity Mind-Map Article
Marriage Chiasm of Ephesians 5:22-33 Article
Marriage from Bad to Good Article
Marriage: Bringing the Gospel Hope To – Map #2 Article
Marriage: Insecure Husband, Critical Wife Article
Marriage: Husband Does Not Protect Me Article
Marriage – Unkind Words Article
Money: It is the Father’s Money Article
Parenting: OneTwoThreeFour Article
Parenting: Rebellious Child Article
Pornography: OneTwoThreeFourFive Article
Practical Wisdom and Courage for Your Gossiping Friends Article
Preferred Reality, Fallen Reality Article
Self-Reliance: Detailed Study Article
Self-Reliant Introvert
Small God Complex Article
Soul Care Models v. Church Discipleship Article
Thoughts: OneTwoThree Article
Thoughts: Changing Stinking Thinking Article
Walking in the Spirit in Your Marriage Article
Who You Are Affects Your Relationships Article
Worship: Life Events in a Fallen World Article

Eclectic assortment of Mind Maps

Self Reliance v. Gospel Living How to Be a Person of Wisdom
Depression OneTwo – Three God Pursuing Us in Love
God My Father Importance & Priority of the Word
Insecure Decision-Making One Anothers in the Church
Work and Friends Interfere with Family