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The Quiet Queerification of America

RMlogo The quiet queerification of America

In America, I am the person who is still able to come and go freely, but I am finding myself under more scrutiny. When I make my “announcement” of who I am now, I sometimes lose friends or the approval of family members.

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I am finding myself on the end of a lot of hate speech and political injustices. I am frequently called names like bigot, spiritual rapist, homophobe, etc.  When I stand up for who I am, I am mocked, laughed at, censored, and hated.

In some arenas, I have people who want to put me out of business, court-martial me, or prevent my freedom to worship whom I choose. I attempt to announce who I am but often am censored and told to be quiet.

If you find me in the Middle East, I am the person who is struggling to find work to support my family. My family has been threatened over and over again with their lives. I no longer have a place to go to worship because it has been blown up and is in ruins.

I am the woman who knows that true beauty really does come from the inside as an acid attack has permanently scarred my outside. My family lives life from day-to-day in the hopes of making it through the day alive and not being poisoned by my extended family members.

In parts of Africa, I am the man who has had his legs crushed when my neighborhood was attacked. I am the widow who is struggling to feed my children as my husband was recently murdered.

I am the child who has known no other life than one filled with war and living the life of a refugee. I am the son who will struggle for my existence as I was nailed to some boards being left for dead.

In parts of South America, I live in a safe house with my children. My wife has been murdered, and my children are under threat. My extended family has forsaken me and I have no means of support for my children. My government seems to offer more protection for drug lords than for my children.

In parts of Asia, I am the nameless face hiding out in a secret building waiting for either other believers or my captors to come. I am the man who has not seen his family in years because they don’t even know I exist anymore behind the walls of my cell.

I am the woman who has been forced to abort or give up my children because of government rules. I am the daughter who is recovering in a safe house after being given over to the sex trade.

I would love to come out and proclaim who I am. I have no closets to come out of and will receive no praise for who I am or who I follow.

But if I could come out from behind the doors of my cell, from behind the censorship of my government, out from the hatred being daily cast at me, I would humbly announce who I am…a believer in the one true God and a worshiper of His son, Jesus Christ.

The title for this piece was taken from Brittney Griner and the Quiet Queering of Professional Sports. Being queer is acceptable behavior in today’s culture. The use of the word queer is also acceptable. The new oddity on the American scene is the archaic Christian. The queerification of America has been a non-arguable success.

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