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How Group Membership Works

The Benefit

  • The Membership fee is free on the Member’s end. They will be able to participate and enjoy the full website at NO COST to them!
  • The church or ministry pays for the Memberships.
  • We do the work of providing materials, forum feedback, webinars and other great resources, which essentially means the church or ministry is providing a professional discipleship trainer to certain select people.
The Process

Once the Church or Ministry subscribes to the Group Membership Package, we will give the “originator” or point person for the church or ministry 10 Usernames with Passwords.

We will register them with specific usernames, e.g. First Baptist Church would be FBC001, FBC002, FBC003, etc.

The church or ministry will be identified and the number of memberships given.

The Member uses their special username and password. The username cannot be changed, but they are free to change the password according to their preferences.

They will have all the benefits of a single member, with the only difference being who is paying for their membership.

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