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Race, Ferguson, NBA, and the Significance of the Gay Agenda

RMlogo Talking about race, Ferguson, NBA, and the significance of the gay agenda

Shows Main Idea – I had the privilege to spend some time with our cultural correspondent, Darrell Harrison. Darrell is Christian, Reformed, and Black, who enjoys speaking into our culture’s world view and events from a theological perspective. In this podcast, we talked about the recent appointment of Delrish Moss as the new police chief in Ferguson, MO.

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Darrell blogged about this here: Submitting to Authority Should Not Be a Racial Proposition His website is Just Thinking We covered several topics. I hope you enjoy the podcast. Darrell tweets @ D_B_Harrison

Darrell said, With all due respect to Delrish Moss, and the many who no doubt deem it an admirable endeavor to bring more diversity to the Ferguson police force, I fail to understand why such change is necessary as a matter of policy.

Is this to suggest that minorities in Ferguson are more inclined to submit to the authority of a police officer only when and if that officer is of the same race or ethnicity as they? As a black man, why should the impetus for my compliance or non-compliance with law enforcement be influenced by whether or not the officer with whom I am interacting is also black? Read the rest here Submitting to Authority Should Not Be a Racial Proposition

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