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Abuse Is Not the Best Way to Talk about the Problem with Abuse

Abuse Is Not the Best Way to Talk about the Problem With Abuse

Whenever we bring words, language, and constructs from the culture and wedge them into a biblical paradigm, things become awkward, and emotions tend to erupt. This problem is what has happened with the word abuse. We grabbed it from the world, with all its accompanying… Continue Reading …

People Learn About Jesus By the Things You Say

People Learn About Jesus By the Things You Say

Pretend your tongue is a paintbrush, and your heart is a bucket full of paint. You dip your brush into your bucket so you can paint a picture on a canvas for the world to see. The picture that you paint reveals your relationship with… Continue Reading …

Six Helpful Tips When Debating with Others

I do not enjoy debating or arguing with other people. Yet, debating, dialoguing, and working through disagreements are unfortunate realities for all people who lack full knowledge and complete truth. We are all semi-enlightened people, which is why I want to share six concepts when… Continue Reading …

Is It Necessary to Use Biblical Categories to Problem-Solve?

How you listen and respond to someone will determine the kind of help you provide. Everybody does not work through their problems biblically, which is why you must know how to come alongside the hurting so you can bring the best care to them. Listen… Continue Reading …

Gossip: When Someone Says Bad Things about You

There are many sides to gossip. Sometimes it’s a sin. Other times it’s not gossip at all. How you think about and respond to what others say about you will make all the difference in the world. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on… Continue Reading …

Wise Parents Teach Their Children How to Curse

It is impossible to engage our culture at any level, and not hear curse words. Whether it is a television show or a stroll in the park, the words of our culture do not discriminate. They do not care who you are. The question every… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Freddie, The Flesh Cutter

Case Study_ Freddie the Flesh Cutter

Biff’s best friend, Freddie, is a practical joker. It is one of Freddie’s strengths that most people love. But, as in most cases, Freddie’s strength has become his greatest weakness. It seems you can never have a serious conversation with him. He’s sarcastic, mocks nearly… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 7 – Your Words Shape Your Child’s Life

Parenting, Day 7 - Your Words Shape Your Child's Life

I had a conversation with my son the other day, sharing with him how he would be my replacement. It was a sobering thought. One day, my son will grow up and become a practical demonstration of what I have modeled for him. The good… Continue Reading …