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How Do You Want to Suffer, With or Without God?

All people born in Adam have no choice about personal suffering (Genesis 2:16-17). It is part of the human condition. Not even Christ could escape it. To be human is to suffer. Knowing this reality about suffering is the bad news, but there is good… Continue Reading …

The Perfect Place to Reveal Your Dysfunctional Self

The Perfect Place To Reveal Your Dysfunctional Self

You have no choice about being dysfunctional. We’re all broken in different ways. Even on our best days, imperfections show through like a stain under the white paint. Our collective fallenness is why the local church is so fabulous. It’s the place where you can… Continue Reading …

Seven Tips to Help Your Friends Who Are Suffering

Seven Tips To Help Your Friends Go Through Suffering

Sometimes the words we share when our friends are hurting are not the best things we should say. Saying the wrong thing is easy to do, which is why I’m sharing these seven ideas to help you navigate these challenging times with your suffering friends.… Continue Reading …

I Met a Christian Who Refuses to Walk Away from His Sin

I Met a Christian Who Refuses to Walk Away From His Sin

Can a Christian walk away from God? To help work through this question, we must first recognize and accept that Christianity is not neat, and sin has never been respectful of our preferred categories. We also have to admit that this conversation is subjective in… Continue Reading …

How to Tell If a Person in Trouble Is Genuine about Wanting Help

How to Tell If a Person In Trouble Is Genuine about Wanting Help

You have a friend in trouble. They appear to be at the end of themselves, but you’re not sure. You’re not uncharitably judging them, but you know that the only way they can experience restoration from God and satisfaction in Him is by being at… Continue Reading …

One Positive, Powerful Purpose for Your Disappointments

One Positive, Powerful Purpose For Your Disappointments

Disappointments come into our lives nearly every day. Getting what you want, how you want it when you want it is not always possible in a fallen world. One of the essential assessments you could ever make about yourself is learning what your disappointments reveal… Continue Reading …

You Can Experience Rest If You Give Up What You Want

You Can Experience Peace If You Give up What You Want

There is something about the title that sounds counterintuitive to our self-reliant and self-protective lives. Even so, doesn’t it have a biblical ring to it? You die to live (Matthew 16:24-26). You humble yourself to be exalted (Matthew 23:12). You give up something to gain… Continue Reading …

A Practical Plan For You to Rise Above All Your Trouble

A Practical Plan to Rise Above Your Trouble 01-2

Every merciful, loving, and wise parent will not bail out their children every time but let them learn and mature through the difficulties in their lives. Thankfully, the Lord does this too so we can learn to rise above our troubles. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …

How to Find Answers Today for Tomorrow’s Problems

One of the most common counseling questions I am asked, if not the number one counseling question is, “What am I to do when (such and such) happens in my life?” Anxiousness about a future desired outcome is a common concern for all people. Listen… Continue Reading …

Revenge: When Evil Comes to You

What would you do if you had the opportunity to get even with someone who hurt you? What if the hurt was irrevocable? What they did to you changed you forever? What would you do? Would you want revenge? Listen to the podcast Our podcasts… Continue Reading …