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Ten Habits That Will Transform Any Counseling Process

Ten Habits That Will Transform Any Counseling Process

Traditional biblical counseling does not work well if a counseling session, sprinkled here and there, is all you have. That strategy places the burden of change on the counselor rather than on the individual who needs a new kind of habituated lifestyle. Biblical discipleship happens… Continue Reading …

Every Christian Should Be Counseling; It’s God’s Call on Our Lives

One of the unintended consequences of the biblical counseling movement is that counseling is for a select number of Christians. Though God has blessed the biblical counseling movement over several decades, one of the problems with the unprecedented growth is that we forgot to tell… Continue Reading …

The Problem with Expecting Someone to Change on Your Timetable

The Problem with Expecting Someone to Change on Your Timetable

In any discipleship situation, the discipler’s theology needs to inform the discipleship process. If not, the temptation of the discipler can cause the discipler to lose hope and even sin during the process. Let me share with you a case study to make this point.… Continue Reading …

Did You Know There Is a Better Way to Do Counseling?

Did you know this is a better way to do counseling_

Sometimes when some people hear the words “biblical counseling,” they think about a two-tier system within Christianity: those who can counsel and those who cannot. Suppose biblical counseling means that to you. Perhaps it would be wise to change your thinking. God has given every… Continue Reading …

How to Train Your Flea, or How to Control Others

How To Train Your Flea, Or How To Control Others

Have you ever trained a flea? It’s a simple process. You place a flea or a flock of fleas (not sure if flock is the right word) in a Mason jar and tighten the lid. Next, you leave the flea(s) in the jar for three… Continue Reading …

Vital Teaching for Your Son Today So He’ll Be a Great Husband Later

Vital Teaching for Your Son Today So He'll Be a Great Husband Later

Statistically speaking, the chances of your son or daughter being married as adults are higher than their being single. This likelihood is not inside information but public knowledge. Boys like girls and girls like boys, and most boys and girls will tie the knot in… Continue Reading …

Counseling Today: Standing on Jay Adams’ Shoulders

Standing On Jay's Shoulders

“I’m thinking about pursuing counselor training and had some questions about the process, as well as the type of training organization from which I should receive my training. The counseling movement has changed over the past fifty years. Would you be willing to speak to… Continue Reading …

My Son Has Three Practice Wives to Make Him a Better Husband

The wedding day is not the best time to learn how to be a spouse. For too many young couples, they begin this way. Without prior training, they had to figure out how to get along with each other in the school of hard knocks.… Continue Reading …

What Is the Best Kind of School That Your Child Should Attend?

How would you describe your worldview when it comes to children and education? What kind of school environment should you place your child into for their good and God’s fame? What are some of the elements of your decision-making that led to your choice? Rick… Continue Reading …

How Do I Begin a Counseling Ministry at My Church?

How Do I Begin a Counseling Ministry At My Church

Biff wants to begin a counseling ministry in his local church. The leadership is aware of the church’s sanctification needs; they want help and humbly acknowledge this need. They asked Biff to propose a plan. He asked me how to go about this new endeavor.… Continue Reading …