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A Crazy Idea For Sanctification: the Local Church

A Crazy Idea For Sanctification the Local Church (1)

One-to-one interaction is the most efficient way to help another person change. For too many believers, discipleship in a community, in the context of a local church, is not the norm. Favorite books and preachers become our disciplers, which is not God’s best no matter… Continue Reading …

Can You Be Quiet? – Ten Keys to Reduce the Noise in Your Soul

Can You Be Quiet_ - Ten Keys to Reducing the Noise In Your Soul

A few years ago, I was speaking with a friend who had a troubled conscience. She did not tell me that she had an uneasy conscience, but after spending time with her, it became apparent that she had a lot of anxiety in her soul.… Continue Reading …

Why I Am Number One and Look Out for Myself Most of All

If you don’t look out for number one, you will fall by the wayside. Don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. Thus, the question is if you don’t do it, who will? Who is going to take care of you? Probably nobody, which… Continue Reading …

What Is the Way to Work through Personality Differences?

What Is the Way to Work Though Personality Differences_

Rick, recently you talked about how you tend to live on “military time” and Lucia lives on “island time” and how you both have had to work through your conflicting personality traits in your marriage. You also tied this to how the gospel speaks to… Continue Reading …

Excellent Ideas That Will Help Your Church Before It’s Too Late

Excellent Ideas That Will Help Your Church Before It's Too Late

Everyone is carrying a silent disease in their body. You don’t know it and won’t know it until there is a visible manifestation of it. In some cases, it’s too late. The local church is similar. Sin is a silent killer that can infect an… Continue Reading …

Being Honest About the Limitations of Social Media Relationships

Being Honest About the Limitations of Social Media Relationships

Social media draws from our hearts a mixture of like and dislike—all at the same time. We are thankful for these media platforms because of our ability to reach others easily, quickly, and helpfully. We struggle with these platforms because of the many inherent problems.… Continue Reading …

If You Have Limited Time and Friends with Unlimited Needs

Do you have unlimited time? Do you have friends with a lot of needs? If so, you’re blessed, and so are your friends. You have the time, and they have the issues—what a beautiful world. Sadly, I don’t live in your world. Listen to the… Continue Reading …

The Secret That Will Change Your Life Forever

The animating center of your life should be a growing, adventurous, powerful, satisfying, and reciprocal relationship with God. If you are not incrementally and consistently heading in that direction, stop and turn around because you are going the wrong way. Let me explain how to… Continue Reading …

Nine Tips for Managing Your Life and Calendar

The phone rang. Lucia picked it up but did not answer the caller. She handed it to me because she knew two things: It was probably about work, and my profession was more important than her and the children. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts… Continue Reading …