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How To Respond to a Gossiper Who Wants Me To Do More

How to Respond to the Grumbling Church Member Who Wants More

Have you been on the receiving end of gossip? How did you respond? What did your reaction reveal about your walk with the Lord? One of the most challenging relational opportunities is when someone gossips about you. When it happens, there are several options for… Continue Reading …

Six Practical Thoughts When Helping Friends and Enemies

Six Practical Thoughts When Helping a Difficult Person

Living in a relationship with someone requires a practical awareness of how to do it well. Each person is on a private and personal journey that is unlike any other, which means there will be times when helping your friends or enemies will be challenging.… Continue Reading …

Ep. 226 Do You Want to Break Free From Bad Habits?

Ep. 226 Do You Want to Break Free From Bad Habits?

Shows Main Idea – All of us have bad habits. Some of them are worse than others from a consequential perspective. Some or sinful and others are not. Getting into them is the part that we do quickly, but escaping our captivation is another matter. If… Continue Reading …