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Four Reasons to Praise God for Your Imperfections

Four Reasons to Praise God For Your Imperfections

Utopia does not exist. It’s a mirage in a desert, similar to the person who wants to be perfect. My goal here is not to rain on anyone’s parade but to help gain a better perspective on living well in God’s world while releasing ourselves… Continue Reading …

Letter to God: I Need to Die; Will You Help Me?

Letter to God_ I Need to Die; Will You Help Me_

Paul said, “To live is Christ.” In four syllables, he explained why and what for his earthly existence. Apart from asking the Lord to regenerate you, you could not make a more life-transforming statement. Why was Paul living? Christ. What was his point of living?… Continue Reading …

What Is the Best Kind of School That Your Child Should Attend?

How would you describe your worldview when it comes to children and education? What kind of school environment should you place your child into for their good and God’s fame? What are some of the elements of your decision-making that led to your choice? Rick… Continue Reading …

Why I Am Number One and Look Out for Myself Most of All

If you don’t look out for number one, you will fall by the wayside. Don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. Thus, the question is if you don’t do it, who will? Who is going to take care of you? Probably nobody, which… Continue Reading …

The Best Way to Connect with Someone to Help Them Change

The Best Way to Connect With Someone to Help Them Change

What is your primary way of relating to people? Do you connect superficially, or do you engage them where they live? I’m talking about reaching a person at their hearts. It is imperative to reach folks at the right place so that they can experience… Continue Reading …

The Deadliest Infection and Greatest Cure You Can Have

The Deadliest Infection and Greatest Cure You Can Have

Hold on and brace yourself for these two bold and sobering truths. Today’s sophisticated culture does not accept them, and they may offend you. Everyone is going to hell, and the Lord has set up the agency of humankind to let the whole world know… Continue Reading …

The Danger Of a Man Providing For His Family

Providing for our families is an expectation the Lord places on us. But we rely on Him for the results. We work hard while trusting Him to provide what we need. Whether you’re poor or rich, God will take care of you. Listen to the… Continue Reading …

Day 9 – Teen Devotion: Life Has Losers, and You May Be One

Day 9 – Teen Devotion_ Life Has Losers, And You May Be One001

Schools and sports may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. After you enter the adult world, do not expect a participation award just for showing up. The real world does not function that way. The things that happen in the… Continue Reading …

Day 12 – Teen Devotion: Being Cool Is Not the Path to Success

Day 12 – Teen Devotion_ Being Cool Is Not the Path to Success

Being cool is rarely the path to success. Typically, it’s the path to dysfunctional relationships because the inherent problem with being cool is self-focus. You’re always assessing yourself as you measure yourself against others who represent “cool” to you. This way of living your life… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Procrastination

Mastermind Program

Mable is 43 years old. She married Biff 21 years ago. She says she is in a good marriage. They get along well. Mable and Biff have been Christians for 35 years. He is an executive for a local accounting firm. Mable has been working… Continue Reading …