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The Number One Sign of Authentic Christianity

What Is the Number One Sign of Authentic Christianity (1)

Authentic and mature Christianity is always on the mind of any discipler because it is crucial to discern such things with those who receive your care. As much as you can subjectively understand, the actual spiritual condition of a person is essential to know. Here… Continue Reading …

How to Think about Losing a Family Member through Murder

How to Think About Losing a Family Member Through Murder

On April 18, 1997, I got the call that nobody ever wants to receive. My sister-in-law called to let me know that she killed my brother. I remember writing in my journal that it was a sunny, 67-degree day. It was a perfect day—until that… Continue Reading …

To Have Hope But Things Never Change May Lead to Despair

When Hope Drives You Insane

Some folks have hope, but their situation never changes. They give up and become cynical because they won’t know a different kind of future. Then some have hope that keeps them going regardless of unchanging circumstances. Their hope of the heart buoys them during the… Continue Reading …

You’re Only as Strong as That Which Provides the Most Hope

You're Only As Strong As That Which Provides the Most Hope

You’re only as strong as your hope, and if your main hope is not in Christ, you are not as strong as you should be. The way to know where you have placed your primary hope is by how you react to the difficulties and… Continue Reading …

Being Divorced Is Like a Man in a Tux and Brown Shoes

All sin is the same in that any transgression will put Christ on the cross, but all sins are not the same consequentially. Divorce is one of those sins that ranks higher from a consequential perspective. Adequately describing it is hard. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …

I Trusted God, and My Life Fell Apart

Let me go ahead and say what many of you are thinking: trusting the Lord does not mean everything will go okay for you. There is a thing called “disappointment with God,” and if you do not know how to navigate this truth when your… Continue Reading …

Revenge: When Evil Comes to You

What would you do if you had the opportunity to get even with someone who hurt you? What if the hurt was irrevocable? What they did to you changed you forever? What would you do? Would you want revenge? Listen to the podcast Our podcasts… Continue Reading …

Abuse, Suffering, and Other Painful Disappointments

It takes grace, courage, faith, humility, patience, and a passion for wanting to grow in your walk with God. And though it’s a counterintuitive worldview, suffering is one of the primary means the Lord uses to mature us. Listen to the podcast You may want… Continue Reading …

Case Study: She Buried Her Son 10 Years Ago

Case Study_ She Buried Her Son Ten Years Ago01

Mable comes to you for counseling. Ten years ago she buried her second son. He was shot five times by his wife. The court trial had come and gone. Her now-former daughter-in-law received 300 hours of community service for the murder. There were many lies… Continue Reading …