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Day 19 – Teen Devotion: “Will God Forgive Me?”

Day 19 - Teen Devotion_ _Will God Forgive Me

The gospel frees us from all our past sins, but some Christians do not know how to experience release. There are things in the rearview mirror that continue to drag them down. To live in the freedom of a guilt-free life is an elusive dream.… Continue Reading …

Marriage Devotion Day 6 – His Problems, Her Problems: One Problem

Marriage Devotion Day 6 – His Problems, Her Problems_ One Problem

I watched my wife go through three miscarriages. They happened to her; it was her pain, her disappointment, and her fear. But they were “my miscarriages” too. I did not feel and hurt the way she did. I have no idea of the physical, mental,… Continue Reading …