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You Can Choose to Be Part of a Christmas Surprise

You Can Choose To Be Part Of a Christmas Surprise

Christmas has never been about glitter, has it? Or bright twinkling lights. It’s about being “the servant of the Lord” and about giving yourself to meet the needs of others. That’s how God did it in Jesus. He gave Himself—a tiny babe, perfect, sinless—to meet… Continue Reading …

Five Core Elements of a Healthy Marriage

Five Core Elements Of a Healthy Marriage

What you are about to read are five core elements that are practical and replicate-able in your home. When practically applied, these ideas can have a transformative effect on those you want to influence the most. For some believers, the knowledge about the Bible far… Continue Reading …

Here Is Practical Help to Restore a Broken Marriage

Here Is Practical Help to Restore a Broken Marriage

Husbands and wives have a hard time putting a broken marriage back together. Typically, the expectations and disappointments create a backlog of unresolved conflict. When a couple gets to this point, pride becomes the unscaleable wall between them. They have lost the vision for Christ… Continue Reading …

Sometimes It’s Better to Say Nothing When You’re Right

Sometimes It's Better to Say Nothing When You're Right

Being right is a tricky thing. Did you know that being right does not always mean you have to communicate what you know to be true? How good are you at discerning when to speak and not to speak as you consider the person who… Continue Reading …

How to Move Your Marriage from Hostility to Harmony

How to Move Your Marriage from Hostility to Harmony

Marriage is a marathon, and if you want to do it well, it’s vital that you understand and implement these seven practical keys. If not, it’s likely that hostility will come and harmony will be a lost dream. There is transformative hope in God’s Word.… Continue Reading …

Here Is Some Motivation to Love That Pain In Your Neck

Motivation for the Pain In Your Neck

Let’s free associate: name a couple of people in your life that you cringe when you think about them. How about the person you would rather not be around? They are a pain in your neck. Do you have at least one in your mind?… Continue Reading …

How to Be Awesome in Three Easy Steps

How to Be Awesome

What if your husband was awesome? What if your wife was awesome? How do you help your children to live in awesomeness? These are important questions and, fortunately, the Bible does not leave us in the dark when it comes to being remarkable individuals. Listen… Continue Reading …

Some Days You Need to Feel Like a Counselee

Sometimes the Lord puts you in situations that humble you. Other times it’s your decisions that put there, but either way, it’s critical to learn from these moments. The humbled heart is a grateful heart. How are your struggles teaching you a humility that leads… Continue Reading …

A Good Reason to Remember Sin

Some individuals teach that you should forgive and forget. This teaching is correct within specific guidelines, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t talk among friends about what you did wrong. Without community, you may repeat the sinful behavior. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …

Marriage Devotion Day 19 – The Blessing of the Reciprocal Marriage

Marriage Devotion Day Day 19 – The Blessing of the Reciprocal Marriage

There is a hierarchy to a marriage where the husband leads and the wife follows. But did you know that there is a circularity, too? Each spouse is dependent upon the other. The reciprocality and mutual dependence of the two are what gives strength to… Continue Reading …