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What Is Christian Ministry and Why It Can Suck the Life out of You

What Is Christian Ministry and Why It Can Suck the Life Out of You

When a person sees ministry strictly as something they do at a church building that is separate from the rest of their lives, it is a setup for all sorts of problems—personally and relationally. We must not dichotomize ministry because all of life is our… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Unholy Trinity – Man, Ministry, Marriage

Case Study_ Unholy Trinity Man Ministry and Marriage

Biff loves the ministry. He enjoys it so much that his family is falling apart. He has been living a dual life for several years as he has secretly attempted to hold his family together while publicly telling others how to follow Christ. His approach… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Don’t Tell the Elders or I’ll Lose My Job

Case Study_ Don't Tell the Elders or I'll Lose My Job

Biff wants to be a pastor. To make matters worse, his parents believe in a two-tier Christian system: those who are in the ministry and those who are not. Biff is now 32 years old. His identity is wrapped up in what he does for… Continue Reading …