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Day 7 – Teen Devotional: Your Mistakes Are Yours

Day 7 – Teen Devotional_ Your Mistakes Are Yours

It’s hard to hear, but you know it’s true: if you mess up, it’s not your parents’ fault. Relax, adults also have a hard time with this idea. So, I won’t press the issue too much with you. But you must know it, especially if… Continue Reading …

Day 13 – Teen Devotion: Life Is Hard

Day 13 - Teen Devotion_ Life Is Hard

Life is hard and does not apologize for what it gives you. In a word, it’s hard—on everybody. There are no exceptions to this rule, but you do have a choice. You can choose to resent how things are going for you, or you can… Continue Reading …

Marriage Devotion Day 6 – His Problems, Her Problems: One Problem

Marriage Devotion Day 6 – His Problems, Her Problems_ One Problem

I watched my wife go through three miscarriages. They happened to her; it was her pain, her disappointment, her fear. But they were “my miscarriages,” too. I did not feel and hurt the way she did. I have no idea of the physical, mental, and… Continue Reading …