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A Practical Plan to Break Free from Being Controlled by Others

A Practical Plan to Break Free From Being Controlled By Others

When the only opinion in the room that matters to you is the Lord’s, you’re as free as you can be. Nobody could manipulate or manage Jesus because He was under the management of His Father’s opinion. As Christ-followers, our goal is to be likewise.… Continue Reading …

Instructive Synonyms for People-Pleasing, Insecurity, or Fear of Man

Insecurity, peer-pressure, or fear of man has many names. You can examine yourself to see how much you struggle with insecurity. The labels below are synonyms or characteristics to what we call fear of man biblically. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,… Continue Reading …

Breaking the Bondage of People-Pleasing

God will fully receive anyone who accepts what Christ has done on their behalf. It’s an incredible opportunity as Jesus takes all your sin and gives you His righteousness. But this gospel message is not practically transforming for everyone. Some Christians continue to live under… Continue Reading …

The Unintended Spiritual Benefits of Legalism

The Unintended Spiritual Benefits of Legalism

Being holy is not legalism. Being an obedient and disciplined Christian does not have to be legalistic either. If something is wrong, an overreaction to that bad thing is also an inadequate response. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud,… Continue Reading …

When Education Becomes Deadly To a Child’s Soul

An unguarded strength is a double weakness. One of the more common strengths parents want their children to have is education. If the parents are not wise in how they try to create this passion in their child, they can set the child up for… Continue Reading …

You Cannot Need Someone and Love Someone Equally

You cannot need someone and love someone at the same time

Jamal was born into a dysfunctional home. He told me that he did not remember a time when his parents were not arguing. He is 14-years old, almost 15. He said there were many nights when he would curl up in his bed, hug his bear-y, and… Continue Reading …

Day 26 – Teen Devotion: Controlled By the Opinions of Others

Day 26 - Teen Devotion_ Controlled By the Opinions of Others

Being controlled by other people’s opinions is a problem that every person struggles with to varying degrees. Biblically it is called fear of man. This term is typically more recognizable by such labels as peer-pressure, codependency, and insecurity. Listen to the podcast Read Rick’s 31-Day… Continue Reading …

Day 29 – Teen Devotion: Re-evaluating Your Self-Esteem

Day 29 - Teen Devotion_ Re-evaluating Your Self-Esteem

Thinking more about yourself is not the path to freedom. The self-esteem agenda demands that you turn your thoughts onto yourself, thinking more and more about yourself. The Bible has a different type of message; it’s a counterintuitive worldview: The more you think about God… Continue Reading …

Case Study: You Need to Please God

Case Study_ You Need to Please God

Mable struggles with the fear of man. She is a people-pleaser, or what some call codependent. Her “functional theology” is more about performing for others than resting in Christ. She is exhausted and ready for your help because her life has fallen apart. She is… Continue Reading …