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The Carefulness and Competence Needed When Helping the Abused

Micro and Macro Listening When Helping the Sexually Abused

Sexual abuse is one of the most devastating and complicating sin crimes that someone forces on another human being. Though I don’t fully understand the horror of this type of abuse because it has not happened to me, I’ve sat with many victims of sexual… Continue Reading …

I’m Angry at God Because He Did Not Help Me

I'm Angry at God Because He Did Not Help Me

A counselor friend asked how you encourage someone when they are angry at God for what happened to them. The lady is mad because Sovereign Lord did not protect her from horrific victimization. He has been meeting with her for weeks and wondered if he… Continue Reading …

The Art and Care of Correction among Friends

The Art and Care of Correction Among Friends

New Testament sanctification typically happens in corporate contexts, not in isolation. It is appropriate to say that you can do many things by yourself, but sanctification is not one of those things; it’s not possible to image the Trinity by living apart from the community… Continue Reading …

Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays

Dealing With Relatives During the Holidays

Loving others the way God loves you can be a challenge anytime, but the difficulty intensifies during the holidays because some family members rub you the wrong way. There are two kinds of people in the world: Christians and non-Christians. Within these two groups are… Continue Reading …

Why Each Person Needs Care According to Their Uniqueness

Why Each Person Needs Care According to Their Uniqueness

You have heard the saying, different strokes for different folks, right? It is a practical perspective when it comes to assessing people because every person presents a unique opportunity to figure out so you can care for them according to who they are. This concept… Continue Reading …

The Problem with Caring Too Much or Over-Caring for Others

The Problem with Caring Too Much or Over-Caring for Others

Loving people is the biblical thing to do. For some believers, over-loving or over-caring is not biblical but one of the most accessible temptations to fall into, especially with those you love the most. If you do “over-care” for those you’d like to experience change,… Continue Reading …

You Must Know This Before You Counsel Anyone

You Must Know This Before You Counsel a Teen

Sometimes stereotypical counseling can get in the way of what you want to do with an individual, especially when the counselee has a preconceived, pessimistic instinct about where you want to go with him. You’ll see this with some teenagers, for example, because they sense… Continue Reading …

People You Love the Most Can Hurt You Quicker than Anyone Else

People You Love the Most Will Hurt You

The people that you spend the most time trying to help may turn on you quicker than anyone else. Not every individual that you serve will react that way, but a few of them will not be responsive to change and may retaliate against you… Continue Reading …

I Need Help Counseling a Stubborn Couple

Every discipler knows that they cannot change anyone. This worldview becomes acute when you’re trying to help someone transform. Though you cooperate with the Lord in the “change process,” only He can grant repentance. This case study presents this dilemma with an angry, stubborn couple.… Continue Reading …

Do You Believe a Sinning Christian Can Change?

Your Christian friend is struggling and seemingly cannot change. Something has caught them (Galatian 6:1-2). Do you believe your friend can change? Perhaps that person is your spouse, child, parent, or church member. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud,… Continue Reading …