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Note to Those Who Are Angry with God for the Life They Have

A note to those who are angry with God for the life they have

Everybody is a victim. We all received a raw deal. Nobody comes into the world unscathed. And after we arrive, we are hurt by others. However, it’s our choice to be angry with God about the life we have or choose His plan to flip… Continue Reading …

The Remarkable Way God Uses Your Brokenness To Heal You

Learn the remarkable news of how the Lord uses the bad things that have happen to you to heal you and bring you to Himself. He can bring good out of evil

God creates children in His image. Parents have a responsibility to shape the child for God with the hope and prayer that when they are old enough to understand, they will follow Him. Then things get off track. The parent makes mistakes. The child reacts… Continue Reading …

Here Are Three Powerful and Practical Parenting Strategies

Here Are Three Powerful and Practical Parenting Strategies

Once a parent, ever a parent. Even after a parent loses hands-on oversight and care of their children as they get older, they never stop thinking about them—always wondering and praying for their well-being. Before that sad day of their departure comes, I want to… Continue Reading …

How to Connect the Gospel to Parental Discipline

How to Connect the Gospel to Parental Discipline

Parental discipline is not just a behavioral interaction between a parent and a child. There are hearts in play, too—the heart of the parent and the child. If the parent does not connect the gospel to his heart, the discipline will not go well, and… Continue Reading …

My Husband Never Asks for Forgiveness. How Am I to Respond?

My Husband Never Asks for Forgiveness. How Am I to Respond? 001

I’m frustrated! I am always approaching my husband with my sin, asking for his forgiveness, but he seems never to see his need to ask me for forgiveness. Many times he won’t even bother to forgive me. What am I to do? Listen to the… Continue Reading …

How Do I Help My Teen When He Does Not Want My Help?

How Do I Help My Teen When He Does Not Want My Help?

How do you help a teenage son when he does not want your help? You feel him distancing from you and the family, but he won’t communicate with you. Should you relax your expectations? Perhaps a more in-depth question is how is his behavior a… Continue Reading …

How to Make Sense of Today’s Sexually Confused Culture

How to Make Sense of Today's Sexually Confused Culture

It used to be that everyone identified as a male or female, based on objective anatomical evidence at a child’s birth. In the past few decades, what has always been evident to the naked eye is now fluid; it is “to be determined,” based on… Continue Reading …

The Santa Claus Question: What Do I Tell My Children?

The Santa Claus Question_ What Do I Tell My Children

Supporting Member Question: Rick, what are your thoughts on Santa, Easter Bunny, and Tooth Fairy as far as what you tell your kids? Do you say these characters are real or not? Is this harmless fun or is there a problem with deception going on… Continue Reading …

Ep. 213 Rick Answers Questions On Abuse, Church, Forgiveness & More

Rick Answers Your Questions

Rick responds to questions that some people sent to him. They are on abuse, parenting, bad churches, bad word choices, forgiveness, and personal conviction.

Why and How Does God Bless Us?

Mailbag – I was wondering if God treats His people the same way regarding giving “blessing for obedience” in the new covenant. It seems all over the Old Testament—if God’s people obey, they receive a blessing; if they don’t obey, they receive discipline. Does God still treat us… Continue Reading …