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Day 7 – Teen Devotional: Your Mistakes Are Yours

Day 7 – Teen Devotional_ Your Mistakes Are Yours

It’s hard to hear, but you know it’s true: if you mess up, it’s not your parents’ fault. Relax, adults also have a hard time with this idea. So, I won’t press the issue too much with you. But you must know it, especially if… Continue Reading …

Case Study: His Confession Was Not Greater Than What Others Knew

Case Study_ His Confession Was Not Greater Than What Others Knew

Biff comes to you for counseling because his wife caught him looking at the wrong things on their personal computer. Initially, Biff denied what he was doing in the basement of their home, though the record of the history on the computer revealed hundreds of… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Sinning Victim

Case Study_ The Sinning Victim

Mable’s husband has been living in adultery for over five years. Recently she found a receipt in his wallet from a local bar. After some questions, an argument, and a visit to the bar, Mable figured out about the affair. Mable is angry, hurt, and… Continue Reading …