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Five Helpful Marks to See If Someone Has Changed

Five Helpful Marks To See If Someone Has Changed

What is the most trustworthy indicator of a person who has authentically changed? How can you know—as much as one can understand? Paul gives us our answers, but first, let me tell you a story. You know who they are: it’s the life and times… Continue Reading …

I Want More Than God; I Want Someone to Love Me

I Want More than God; I Want Someone to Love Me

To say that God is all you need reduces your life to you and God in a silo. You must have friends. You need others to live out the grander purposes of the gospel. The question is never, “Do you need friends?” but rather, “What are… Continue Reading …

How to Live with People with Different Preferences

The gospel practicalized is a transcendent lifestyle over cultural and religious traditions, preferences, and expectations. If you practically understand this idea, you will learn how to live with others who have preferences, desires, and wants that are different from you. Of course, if you don’t… Continue Reading …

Submitting Your Life to the Foolishness of God

Frequently, our most pressing need is not our most important need. Sometimes God works in unsuspecting ways, maybe ways we did not perceive or even want. Ironically, His ways can seem foolish to the natural mind, as well as the spiritual mind. Listen to the… Continue Reading …

Setting Aside Your Desires to Lead Your Husband

A wife can be a husband’s most significant asset or his greatest liability. I think most of us know this, but I wonder how many wives have thought through how to be an asset to their husbands by humbly leading them, even while being submitted to… Continue Reading …

His Needs – Her Needs Aren’t Real Needs

How do I know when my desire for love has changed into a need for love? An excellent question! Let’s start with anger. Anger is the quickest and easiest way to discern if your craving for love has jumped from a desire to need. Listen… Continue Reading …

You Cannot Need Someone and Love Someone Equally

You cannot need someone and love someone at the same time

Jamal was born into a dysfunctional home. He told me that he did not remember a time when his parents were not arguing. He is 14-years old, almost 15. He said there were many nights when he would curl up in his bed, hug his bear-y, and… Continue Reading …

Day 28 – Teen Devotion: The Reason to Love

Day 28 - Teen Devotion_ The Reason to Love

Why do you want to date or marry someone? What is your primary reason for desiring a community? Here’s the answer: The number reason you need someone is not to meet your deepest longings but to image the Trinity in a relational community. Listen to… Continue Reading …

Marriage Devotion Day 13 – The Main Reason You Need Someone

Marriage Devotion Day 13 – Why You Need Someone

Genesis 2:18 says it’s not good for a man to be alone. The difference in how you read Genesis 2:18 depends on whether you are looking through a dirty window or a clean window. If you are interpreting Adam’s situation through the lens of your… Continue Reading …