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Silent Treatment Is the Sanitized Version of Murder

Silent treatment is the sanitized version of murder

Expressing anger through silence is an all-too-common communication conflict in too many relationships. The silent partner pretends the other person does not exist by ignoring them. Silent treatment sounds horrible enough, but if you place it within James’s framework for anger, what we’re talking about… Continue Reading …

Why I Am Number One and Look Out for Myself Most of All

If you don’t look out for number one, you will fall by the wayside. Don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. Thus, the question is if you don’t do it, who will? Who is going to take care of you? Probably nobody, which… Continue Reading …

Learning How to Keep What You Want From Controlling You

Learning How to Keep What You Want From Controlling You

What do you want? What would you like to have? Do these desires come from the heart of contentment? To want something does not have to be wrong. We should always want all kinds of things throughout our lives. To not to want things is… Continue Reading …

Your Love Should Not Be Tough: It Should Be Merciful

Your Love Should Not Be Tough_ It Should Be Merciful

“Tough love” has become one of the mantras in modern Christian culture, i.e., love languages. Like many popularized sayings, it has taken on an unintended—harsh—meaning that does not bring about the peaceful fruit of righteousness. How do you think about tough love? What comes to… Continue Reading …

How to Create the Aroma of Gratitude in Your Home

How to Create the Aroma of Gratitude In Your Home

Describe the aroma of your home. Would you say it’s a place where joy, gratitude, and thanksgiving are regularly wafting through the rooms? As you think about the environment in your home, perhaps you can narrow the focus down to yourself (Matthew 7:3-5). How aggressive… Continue Reading …

Six Helpful Tips When Debating with Others

I do not enjoy debating or arguing with other people. Yet, debating, dialoguing, and working through disagreements are unfortunate realities for all people who lack full knowledge and complete truth. We are all semi-enlightened people, which is why I want to share six concepts when… Continue Reading …

Ten Things to Know Before You Can Help Someone

Talking about change and willing to change can be two different matters. If you have not prepped your soul for change, you won’t change. You may modify your behavior. You may be able to do damage control with your relationships, but transformation is a gift… Continue Reading …

Gossip: When Someone Says Bad Things about You

There are many sides to gossip. Sometimes it’s a sin. Other times it’s not gossip at all. How you think about and respond to what others say about you will make all the difference in the world. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 18 – The Wisdom of Teaching Your Children Curse Words

Parenting, Day 18 - The Wisdom of Teaching Your Children Curse Words

It is impossible to engage our culture at any level and not hear curse words. Whether it is a television show or a stroll in the park, the words of our culture do not discriminate. They do not care who you are. Let the words… Continue Reading …