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The Perfect Place to Reveal Your Dysfunctional Self

The Perfect Place To Reveal Your Dysfunctional Self

You have no choice about being dysfunctional. We’re all broken in different ways. Even on our best days, imperfections show through like a stain under the white paint. Our collective fallenness is why the local church is so fabulous. It’s the place where you can… Continue Reading …

Seven Tips to Help Your Friends Who Are Suffering

Seven Tips To Help Your Friends Go Through Suffering

Sometimes the words we share when our friends are hurting are not the best things we should say. Saying the wrong thing is easy to do, which is why I’m sharing these seven ideas to help you navigate these challenging times with your suffering friends.… Continue Reading …

Can God Use Me: the Non-Disqualifying Grace of God

Can God Use Me the Non-Disqualifying Grace of God

God is not looking for a few good men or women or folks with specific character traits. It’s not our personalities or our wits that God wants. That is not how it works in the “grace of God world” where you and I live. Though… Continue Reading …

How God Delivered an Entrapped Soul from Christianity’s Baggage

How God Delivered an Entrapped Soul from Christianity's Baggage

There are instances when Christianity’s baggage can entrap a person, and they never realize it. They never connect a lack of consistent joy, constantly trying to control how people perceive them, and hiding longstanding flaws to the Christian life they live. They genuinely love God,… Continue Reading …

Do You Know How to Use the Unwanted Sin in Your Life Sinlessly?

Do You Know How to Use the Unwanted Sin In Your Life Sinlessly?

Are you able to use sin sinlessly? I am asking how do you respond to the inevitableness of sin in your life, whether it is yours or someone else’s? When wickedness comes, it will drive us in one of two directions. We will either fixate… Continue Reading …

Learning How to Take All Your Bad Thoughts Captive

Learning How to Take All Your Bad Thoughts Captive

Have you ever accused yourself of something that was not true? It’s when you gaslight yourself: telling yourself something that is not true. Any false argument launched against yourself can turn into a stronghold in your mind that could be spiritually debilitating. You are susceptible… Continue Reading …

Vital Teaching for Releasing Your Children to the World

Vital Teaching for Releasing Your Children to the World

One of the essential goals of parenting is the practice of releasing your children to the culture where they will eventually live. Part of this process is for them to live less under the governance of the parent’s rules and more under God’s authority. As… Continue Reading …

The Remarkable Way God Uses Your Brokenness to Heal You

Learn the remarkable news of how the Lord uses the bad things that have happen to you to heal you and bring you to Himself. He can bring good out of evil

God creates children in His image. Parents have a responsibility to shape the child for God with the hope and prayer that when they are old enough to understand, they will follow Him. Then things get off track. The parent makes mistakes. The child reacts… Continue Reading …

Regret: Lingering Reminders Of Our Broken Humanity

Regret Lingering Reminders Of Our Humanity

Lingering regret is an ongoing sadness about a disappointing moment from your past. It is different from temporal sorrow. Temporary sad periods are normal human emotional responses to undesirable circumstances. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, TuneIn, or Stitcher.… Continue Reading …

Four Essential Elements To Live A Well-Grounded Life

Seeking a king of your unique choosing is rejecting God—a decision that always leads to slavery. There is no other being that you can submit yourself to that will make you happy, even if that “supreme being” is you. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts… Continue Reading …