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My Son Has Three Practice Wives to Make Him a Better Husband

The wedding day is not the best time to learn how to be a spouse. For too many young couples, they begin this way. Without prior training, they had to figure out how to get along with each other in the school of hard knocks.… Continue Reading …

Here Is the Perfect Goal for Your Child and How to Do It

Here Is the Perfect Goal for Your Child and How to Do It

What is the goal for your child? It’s a good and fair question. What do you hope for him or her to be when they grow up? Most Christian parents would rightly say they hope that their children love God with all of their hearts,… Continue Reading …

How Do I Begin a Counseling Ministry at My Church?

How Do I Begin a Counseling Ministry At My Church

Biff wants to begin a counseling ministry in his local church. The leadership is aware of the church’s sanctification needs; they want help and humbly acknowledge this need. They asked Biff to propose a plan. He asked me how to go about this new endeavor.… Continue Reading …

The Natural Regression Of a Woman

Everyone is a victim. Nobody escapes this life without experiencing hurt from others. The real question is not whether someone has hurt you but how are you responding with humility to God, so you’re not controlled by what has happened to you. Listen to the… Continue Reading …

Day 9 – Teen Devotion: Life Has Losers, and You May Be One

Day 9 – Teen Devotion_ Life Has Losers, And You May Be One001

Schools and sports may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. After you enter the adult world, do not expect a participation award just for showing up. The real world does not function that way. The things that happen in the… Continue Reading …

Day 16 – Teen Devotion: Your Local Church

Day 16 – Teen Devotion_ Your Local Church

The Bible’s timeline for sanctification is from new birth (regeneration) to a new body (glorification). The primary contexts for your salvation and ongoing sanctification to happen are the family and local church. In this devotional, I am addressing the dearest place on earth outside your… Continue Reading …

May I Change My Mind After Deciding Something?

You have made your decision in faith. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. Now you’re having second thoughts. Is it okay to change your mind?  You may want to read: How to Make a Decision About Anything Three Tips to… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 26 – The Perfect Goal For Your Child

Parenting, Day 26 The Perfect Goal for Your Children

What do you hope your child will be after he grows up? Many Christians would say they hope their child loves God and others more than himself (Matthew 22:36-40). Those are two great goals, but what do they mean? Him we proclaim, warning everyone and… Continue Reading …