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Counseling Today: Standing on Jay Adams’ Shoulders

Standing On Jay's Shoulders

“I’m thinking about pursuing counselor training and had some questions about the process, as well as the type of training organization from which I should receive my training. The counseling movement has changed over the past fifty years. Would you be willing to speak to… Continue Reading …

An Educator Shares Her Perspective About Our Training

An Educator Shares Her Perspective About Our Training

Our Mastermind training course is an all-online curriculum that teaches Christians how to grow in their discipleship, biblical counseling practices. Recently, we had a seasoned educator, who is also a student in our program, provide her assessment and personal experience of our training course. Benefiting… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Unholy Trinity – Man, Ministry, Marriage

Case Study_ Unholy Trinity Man Ministry and Marriage

Biff loves the ministry. He enjoys it so much that his family is falling apart. He has been living a dual life for several years as he has secretly attempted to hold his family together while publicly telling others how to follow Christ. His approach… Continue Reading …

Case Study: If I Tell the Truth, My Christian College Will Expel Me

Case Study_ If I Tell the Truth My Christian College Will Expel Me

Biff is in his junior year at a local Christian college. And he struggles with pornography and masturbation. When he was 12-years old, his best friend introduced him to those sins. Not understanding the addictiveness of porn and having no serious interest in girls, he… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Darker Side of Mable, the Ministry Mom

Case Study_ The Darker Side of Mable the Ministry Mom

Mable is the “go-to” gal in her church. When someone is struggling, Mable is the one who gets the call. Mable’s husband is passive and preoccupied. Biff checked out a long time ago, settling to be the breadwinner. You can imagine the shock of Mable’s… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Silent Partner

Case Study_ The Silent Partner

Biff won’t talk to his wife. He will go for weeks without saying anything meaningful. Mable calls it their season of “efficiency speech.” He only says what he has to. He will answer logistical and practical questions that concern the home, but there is no… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Meds and More

Case Study_ Meds and More

Three years ago Biff and Mable became Christians. He is 38, and she is 39 years old. Shortly after God regenerated them, they joined a church. A year later, Biff wanted to be part of the elder board, and coincidentally, the leaders asked him to… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Your High Standards Tempt Me to Lie

Case Study_ Your High Standards Tempt Me to Sin

Mable is insecure. It is hard for her to admit mistakes. Trying to be perfect in an imperfect world while craving the opinion of others are two ways in which her self-righteousness truncates her relationships with God and others. Her family sees her for who… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Past Sex Thoughts In Current Marriage

Case Study_ Past Sex Thoughts In Current Marriage

Biff comes to you for counseling. He is a member of your church and recently married Mable. Her family has been members of your church all their lives. Mable grew up attending Christian schools and is now a teacher in your church school. Their relationship… Continue Reading …

Case Study: She Buried Her Son 10 Years Ago

Case Study_ She Buried Her Son Ten Years Ago01

Mable comes to you for counseling. Ten years ago she buried her second son. He was shot five times by his wife. The court trial had come and gone. Her now-former daughter-in-law received 300 hours of community service for the murder. There were many lies… Continue Reading …