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I Challenge You To Live 25 Years after You Die: Do You Accept?

I Challenge You to Live 25-Years After You Die Do You Accept?

Our published mission statement is to help people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for effective living. If you ask me, that is what I will tell you. But there is another mission statement I’m more passionate about, and it’s the driving force behind… Continue Reading …

Do You Want My Attention or Do You Want My Care?

Which is more important to you? To receive a leader’s attention or receive their care? What if you turned the question around and looked at it from your leader’s perspective? “What is possible: to give each person all your attention or to give them your… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Sinning Victim

Case Study_ The Sinning Victim

Mable’s husband has been living in adultery for over five years. Recently she found a receipt in his wallet from a local bar. After some questions, an argument, and a visit to the bar, Mable figured out about the affair. Mable is angry, hurt, and… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Freddie, The Flesh Cutter

Case Study_ Freddie the Flesh Cutter

Biff’s best friend, Freddie, is a practical joker. It is one of Freddie’s strengths that most people love. But, as in most cases, Freddie’s strength has become his greatest weakness. It seems you can never have a serious conversation with him. He’s sarcastic, mocks nearly… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Mable’s Search for Self-Esteem

Case Study_ Mable's Search for Self-Esteem

Mable said during one of her counseling sessions that her dad was unstable, which typically manifested as pouting or verbal outbursts toward her and her three siblings. Mable is nineteen now but remembers in vivid detail balling up in a fetal position many nights as… Continue Reading …

Case Study: When Thin Is In

Case Study_ Details – When Thin Is In

Mable has been a Christian for 25 years. She just turned 42 and is a member of a solid church. Mable’s husband divorced her nine years ago and she has not remarried. Her current dress size is zero. It is evident that Mable is thin,… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Practice Parenting With Adoptive Kids

Case Study Practice Parenting with Adoptive Kids

Mable was lamenting the fact her oldest daughter had gone astray. Janice seemed to have little interest in spiritual things. Mable was not sure what went wrong. She and Biff adopted Janice when she was 2-years old. They were married for five years and could… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Sexually Abused

Case Study_ The Sexually Abused

Janet was first sexually abused by a relative when she was 9-years old. The sex crime continued for almost three years. She never told anyone until her 30th birthday, when she revealed to her husband what had happened. Before telling him, she had convinced herself… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Fearful Parent

Case Study_ The Fearful Parent

Biff is a Certified Nutritionist by day and a fearful parent by night. He discovered his children have a disease that suppresses their immune systems. Though his kids do not have any of the symptoms, Biff knows it’s incurable and possibly deadly. The bacteria that… Continue Reading …

Case Study: I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life

Case Study_ I Don't Know What to Do with My Life

Biff has had seven jobs in five years. He is 24-years old and currently unemployed. Every six months he seems to be doing something new. It has been exhausting trying to keep up with his next idea, big plan, or get-rich-quick scheme. Biff is exhausted… Continue Reading …