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Responding to the Gay Guy Who Said, “I Was Born This Way”

Responding to the Gay Guy Who Said, I Was Born This Way

Homosexuality is one of the more sensitive issues today, which should cause heightened awareness for Christians to guard their attitudes regarding how we respond to this problem. Following Paul’s advice would be wise when it comes to interacting with the gay culture. We must be… Continue Reading …

Why Should You Talk to Your Children about LGBTQ+?

Why Should You Talk to Your Children About LGBTQ+_

One of today’s most popular and accepted lifestyles is LGBTQ+. The plus (+) symbol at the end means it’s a living label; you can keep adding to it. How does this new and accepted way to think about gender and gender roles make you feel?… Continue Reading …

Biblical Sexuality and Its Distortions: From Bad to Good

Biblical Sexuality and Its Distortions_ From Bad to Good

Physical intimacy in a marriage is a vital assessment of how a couple relates to each other. The challenge is having transparent conversations about their sexual relationship. If left unattended, sexual desires rarely cease but take on distortions that adversely impact the couple. Mable found… Continue Reading …

How to Make Sense of Today’s Sexually Confused Culture

How to Make Sense of Today's Sexually Confused Culture

It used to be that everyone identified as a male or female, based on objective anatomical evidence at a child’s birth. In the past few decades, what has always been evident to the naked eye is now fluid; it is “to be determined,” based on… Continue Reading …

My Child Is LGBTQ+ Will You Help Me?

We are totally depraved but uniquely fallen. Sometimes our unique fallenness can tempt individuals to give into the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. If you know someone struggling this way, this resource will help you to respond well to them. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on… Continue Reading …