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Four Things You Must Know About Your Suffering

Our religion could be an enjoyable experience if suffering were not part of our lives. The pain was my biggest disappointment and greatest frustration after becoming a Christian. Listen to the podcast You may want to read: The Danger of Trying to Please God Do… Continue Reading …

Cigarettes, Jesus, and My Self-Righteous Soul

This story is one of the lowlights of my Christian life as I tried to impose my self-righteous standards on a cigarette smoking man who did not know Jesus. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, TuneIn, or Stitcher. If… Continue Reading …

An Unusual Place to Talk about Exporting Modesty to the Next Generation

Typically, when people think about modesty, their minds immediately go to what a person wears and arbitrary preferences rather than the heart’s motivations that influence our external choices. Perhaps when I mentioned “modesty,” your impulse was similar: “Great, he will tell us what to wear!”… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 12 – Rule-Based Parenting Creates Dysfunctional Children

Parenting, Day 12 - Rule-Based Parenting Creates Dysfunctional Children

Being authoritarian should be a good thing because we must learn to live under God’s authority. Thus, to be authoritarian is to be like God. However, if authoritarianism is our only parenting method, it may scuttle the individualized sanctification needs of our children. And we… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 14 – Love Your Children Just ‘Cause

Parenting, Day 14 - Love Your Children Just 'Cause

One of the most practical things a parent could do for their children is to love them just ’cause. You don’t need a reason other than they are your kids. God loves you that way. For by grace you have been saved through faith. And… Continue Reading …

Day 30 – Husband’s Dilemma: I Lead You, I Sin Against You

Day 30 - Husband's Dilemma_ I Lead You - I Sin Against You

Biff does not want to lead his wife. He said that he felt like a hypocrite trying to lead his wife while sporadically sinning against her. Biff asked, “How can I lead her and sin against her at the same time?” Admittedly, Mable does not… Continue Reading …