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My Spouse Never Asks for Forgiveness; How Am I to Respond?

My Spouse Never Asks for Forgiveness; How Am I to Respond

Mable came to me, exclaiming, “I’m frustrated! I am always approaching my husband with my sin, asking for his forgiveness, but he seems never to see his need to ask me for forgiveness. Many times he won’t even bother to forgive me. What am I… Continue Reading …

You Can Choose to Be Part of a Christmas Surprise

You Can Choose To Be Part Of a Christmas Surprise

Christmas has never been about glitter, has it? Or bright twinkling lights. It’s about being “the servant of the Lord” and about giving yourself to meet the needs of others. That’s how God did it in Jesus. He gave Himself—a tiny babe, perfect, sinless—to meet… Continue Reading …

Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays

Dealing With Relatives During the Holidays

Loving others the way God loves you can be a challenge anytime, but the difficulty intensifies during the holidays because some family members rub you the wrong way. There are two kinds of people in the world: Christians and non-Christians. Within these two groups are… Continue Reading …

You Must Know This Before You Counsel Anyone

You Must Know This Before You Counsel a Teen

Sometimes stereotypical counseling can get in the way of what you want to do with an individual, especially when the counselee has a preconceived, pessimistic instinct about where you want to go with him. You’ll see this with some teenagers, for example, because they sense… Continue Reading …

Your Love Should Not Be Tough: It Should Be Merciful

Your Love Should Not Be Tough_ It Should Be Merciful

“Tough love” has become one of the mantras in modern Christian culture, i.e., love languages. Like many popularized sayings, it has taken on an unintended—harsh—meaning that does not bring about the peaceful fruit of righteousness. How do you think about tough love? What comes to… Continue Reading …

What Is the Way to Work through Personality Differences?

What Is the Way to Work Though Personality Differences_

Rick, recently you talked about how you tend to live on “military time” and Lucia lives on “island time” and how you both have had to work through your conflicting personality traits in your marriage. You also tied this to how the gospel speaks to… Continue Reading …

God Is An Extravagant Lover In Your Suffering

God Is An Extravagant Lover In Your Suffering

When my life does not go the way I hoped, it is easy for me to disengage and become discouraged. These are the moments when I must remind myself that when things are not working out the way I hoped, the Lord still loves and… Continue Reading …

Understanding How Your Enemy Is God’s Kindness To You

Your Enemy Is God's Kindness to You

Can God use sin sinlessly? Can God allow sinful things to happen to you? Can these sinful allowances be for your good? The answers to these questions are obvious. Listen to the podcast You may want to read: A Few Thoughts About An Unchangeable Situation… Continue Reading …

The Most Powerful Way to Help Someone Change

Your friend needs to change. How do you help her change? Maybe your husband is stuck in a bad habit, and you want him to change. What is your change process? Perhaps your wife is nagging and criticizing you. How are you helping her model… Continue Reading …

The Problem With God’s Kindness When You Want to Be Angry

Everybody loves to experience God’s mercy because we don’t want to receive punishment for our actions. Then there are times when God gives His kindness to those we don’t like. That’s different because His goodness is a problem for those we dislike. You may want… Continue Reading …