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Are You Happy? Time for a Post-Christmas Follow Up

Are You Happy Time for a Post-Christmas Follow Up (1)

We express satisfaction about something based on how much we value it. The formula is “value creates satisfaction.” If we don’t value it, we won’t find satisfaction with it. For example, if you have received a long-anticipated or cherished gift, you responded with joy because… Continue Reading …

Are You Characterized as a Thankful Person?

Are You Characterized As a Thankful Person

When you get to heaven, what will be the first words out of your mouth? I suspect it will be something along the lines of “thank you” for many of us. Two words. Two syllables. Because it will be true then, it would be good… Continue Reading …

Is It Wrong for Christians to Have Fun in a Dark World?

Is It Wrong for Christians to Have Fun In a Dark World

One of our Supporting Members asked me about a worldview on having fun. She wondered if she was supposed to have fun, and she expressed how there seems to be an element of mystery about what fun should look like for a Christian. Are Christians… Continue Reading …

To Have Hope But Things Never Change May Lead to Despair

When Hope Drives You Insane

Some folks have hope, but their situation never changes. They give up and become cynical because they won’t know a different kind of future. Then some have hope that keeps them going regardless of unchanging circumstances. Their hope of the heart buoys them during the… Continue Reading …

Letter to God: I Need to Die; Will You Help Me?

Letter to God_ I Need to Die; Will You Help Me_

Paul said, “To live is Christ.” In four syllables, he explained why and what for his earthly existence. Apart from asking the Lord to regenerate you, you could not make a more life-transforming statement. Why was Paul living? Christ. What was his point of living?… Continue Reading …

Do You Know That Transformation Is Not Complicated?

Do You Know That Transformation Is Not Complicated?

Some issues in our lives are more resolvable than we think. Part of the problem is that we focus on the wrong thing, thinking it is the cause of our struggle. Over-complicating our temptations does happen. And though what I’m suggesting sounds simple on the… Continue Reading …

How to Solve the Mystery to Enjoy the Abundant Life

How to Solve the Mystery and Enjoy an Abundant Life

To find joy and contentment—part of what it means to have an abundant life—you must understand the spiritual blessings you already possess and recognize how the “call to die” brings those things (Luke 9:23). We all want to live happy and exciting lives. We mentally… Continue Reading …

I Trusted God, and My Life Fell Apart

Let me go ahead and say what many of you are thinking: trusting the Lord does not mean everything will go okay for you. There is a thing called “disappointment with God,” and if you do not know how to navigate this truth when your… Continue Reading …

Do You Wanna Be Happy?

Show me a happy person. Are they generous? Probably. Show me a discontented person? Are they selfish? Probably. There is a circular Bible logic that goes like this: God loves happy givers, and if God loves on a giver, the giver is happy. Listen to… Continue Reading …

Emotional Problems Point to a Poor Thought Life

Your emotions can be good or bad, but in either case, they reflect what is going on in your thought life. If the emotions are right, the person is thinking and responding biblically. If the emotions are not good, the person needs your compassionate and… Continue Reading …