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What Are You to Do When God Does Not Respond Like You Hoped?

What Are You to Do When God Does Not Respond Like You Hoped

Humans were created for worship; it’s part of our ontology—the nature of our being—as determined by our Creator. You will worship something. If you worship the living God in spirit and truth, you will be transformed into His likeness; if you worship any version of… Continue Reading …

Thinking about Those People Who Are Not like You

Thinking About Those People Who Are Not Like You

As the divide in our country continues to widen, the temptation to be harsh, sinfully angry, or retaliate in ungodly ways toward those who think differently from you is high. There are times when we can think more highly of ourselves and less considerate of… Continue Reading …

The Remarkable Way God Uses Your Brokenness to Heal You

Learn the remarkable news of how the Lord uses the bad things that have happen to you to heal you and bring you to Himself. He can bring good out of evil

God creates children in His image. Parents have a responsibility to shape the child for God with the hope and prayer that when they are old enough to understand, they will follow Him. Then things get off track. The parent makes mistakes. The child reacts… Continue Reading …