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How to Move Your Marriage from Hostility to Harmony

How to Move Your Marriage from Hostility to Harmony

Marriage is a marathon, and if you want to do it well, it’s vital that you understand and implement these seven practical keys. If not, it’s likely that hostility will come and harmony will be a lost dream. There is transformative hope in God’s Word.… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Cheap Plates Help Overcome Anger

Case Study_ Cheap Plates Help to Overcome Anger

I was meeting with an angry man. He told me his last counselor said to buy cheap plates so when he felt anger rising inside, he could throw the inexpensive plates into the fireplace, which would help him work off steam. He said it was… Continue Reading …

Case Study: No More Fun With Biff and Mable

Case Study No More Fun with Biff and Mable

Mable blurted out, “This is not what I signed up for.” She married Biff 11 years ago and is regretting each of those years. Their marriage has never moved beyond two singles living together. Biff works and has his friends. Mable works and has her… Continue Reading …