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How to Prepare Your Heart When a Tragedy Happens

How to Prepare Your Heart for National Tragedies

Sometimes the English language is inadequate for conveying our thoughts. Words always seem to fall short when there is a personal or national tragedy. Tragedies remind me of Job’s friends who made a wise choice in the beginning not to speak so quickly. Horrific events… Continue Reading …

You Just Caught Your Child Using Porn; What Are You to Do?

You Just Caught Your Child Using Porn; What Are You to Do (1)

A biblical counselor interviewed Rick Thomas about a situation he is counseling with parents who discovered their child is watching porn. The counselor asked questions that are in italics with Rick’s responses underneath. The fictionalized, flattened version of the story is the dad came to… Continue Reading …

Seven Tips to Help Your Friends Who Are Suffering

Seven Tips To Help Your Friends Go Through Suffering

Sometimes the words we share when our friends are hurting are not the best things we should say. Saying the wrong thing is easy to do, which is why I’m sharing these seven ideas to help you navigate these challenging times with your suffering friends.… Continue Reading …

Are Generational Curses Real? Do You Believe You’re Cursed?

Are Generational Curses Real Are You Cursed

Are you the victim of a generational curse? Is there something wrong with you that only makes sense when you filter it through a generational curse construct? Did you know that some Christians believe in generational curses? But what does the Bible say about these… Continue Reading …

Helping a Girl Who Longs for a Relationship with Her Mother

Many teenagers still long for a relationship with their parents, but they are unsure how to have one or what their role could be in thinking correctly about a parent and the possibility of restoring what the parent has broken. You may want to read:… Continue Reading …

To Have Hope But Things Never Change May Lead to Despair

When Hope Drives You Insane

Some folks have hope, but their situation never changes. They give up and become cynical because they won’t know a different kind of future. Then some have hope that keeps them going regardless of unchanging circumstances. Their hope of the heart buoys them during the… Continue Reading …

There Are Times When You Have to Get into Conflict

There Are Times When You Have to Get Into Conflict

Sometimes in life, you have to get in a conflict with someone. This dreaded reality is not a wish, desire, or prayer request but rather a common-sense perspective that comes with living in a sin-cursed world. It is impossible to have two humans living close… Continue Reading …

To Recover from Broken Expectations, You Need to Know This

To Recover from Broken Expectations, You Need to Know This

What expectations have you had that did not come to fruition? How did you respond when you did not get what you had hoped? All of us have had dashed expectations. To expect stuff is human. So is not getting life the way you planned,… Continue Reading …

Assessing My Heart the Morning after an American Election

Assessing My Heart the Morning After an American Election

There are two large groups of people in America today. They are the winners and the losers. The happy and the sad. The glad and the mad. The hopeful and the fearful. Which one are you on this morning after an American presidential election? What… Continue Reading …

7 Conditions That Make It More Difficult to Help a Child

7 Conditions That Make It More Difficult to Help a Child

There are specific conditions where it’s more challenging to help a child change. It’s vital to know these things if your child is not walking with the Lord. The great news is that there is always hope because you can do something about it. Hope… Continue Reading …