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To Live the Resurrected Life, You Must Die—to Yourself

To live the resurrected life you must yourself

The more effectively you appropriate the death of Christ into your life, the more effectively you’ll be able to enjoy “a resurrection kind of Sunday” every day of the year. The key is knowing that your resurrection will only come after your death, which is… Continue Reading …

How to Connect the Gospel to Your Music Choices

How to Connect the Gospel to Your Music Choices

The gospel connects to every aspect of our lives, regardless if it is things of primary importance or tertiary matters. One of those lesser but valuable loves in all our lives is Christian music, which makes knowing how to connect the gospel to your music… Continue Reading …

Are You Generous? Understanding a Theology of Gift-Giving

Are You Generous? A Theology of Gift-Giving

On Christmas day, people all over the world exchange presents. It is a cultural event full of fun memories. It is also an evolving tradition that loses meaning each year, which is a great reason to go counter-cultural this year? Think about this with me:… Continue Reading …