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Pick an Enemy! Will You Do What Jesus Said: Love Them?

Pick an Enemy! Will You Do What Jesus Said Love Them

Roll through your mental index, identifying the kind of person or people group you do not prefer, those you typically avoid? They do things you don’t like. Their attitude, mannerism, behavior, worldview, or [fill in the blank] is not your cup of tea. Perhaps it’s… Continue Reading …

The Problem with Cursing the Sun

The Problem With Cursing the Sun

God promised that life would be challenging because of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:17-19), and all those who came from the first couple would struggle similarly (Romans 5:12). From the fall of humanity to the end of… Continue Reading …

Diagramming the Heart of the Angry Person

Diagramming the Heart of the Angry Person

Have you ever wondered what is going on in the mind of the angry person? It’s not what you might think. Anger is our most common and problematic enemy that can set up camp in our hearts. If practiced often, it can become a habit… Continue Reading …

The Whine Meter: I Want Life on My Own Terms

The Whine Meter I Want Life on My Own Terms

What comes out of your mouth when you do not get your way reveals your theology of suffering and theology of God, which shows your Christian maturity. Jesus was correct when He said that what comes out of our mouths explains what is happening in… Continue Reading …

Do You Know How to Use the Unwanted Sin in Your Life Sinlessly?

Do You Know How to Use the Unwanted Sin In Your Life Sinlessly?

Are you able to use sin sinlessly? I am asking how do you respond to the inevitableness of sin in your life, whether it is yours or someone else’s? When wickedness comes, it will drive us in one of two directions. We will either fixate… Continue Reading …

There Are Times When You Have to Get into Conflict

There Are Times When You Have to Get Into Conflict

Sometimes in life, you have to get in a conflict with someone. This dreaded reality is not a wish, desire, or prayer request but rather a common-sense perspective that comes with living in a sin-cursed world. It is impossible to have two humans living close… Continue Reading …

How to Move Your Marriage from Hostility to Harmony

How to Move Your Marriage from Hostility to Harmony

Marriage is a marathon, and if you want to do it well, it’s vital that you understand and implement these seven practical keys. If not, it’s likely that hostility will come and harmony will be a lost dream. There is transformative hope in God’s Word.… Continue Reading …

How to Live with People with Different Preferences

The gospel practicalized is a transcendent lifestyle over cultural and religious traditions, preferences, and expectations. If you practically understand this idea, you will learn how to live with others who have preferences, desires, and wants that are different from you. Of course, if you don’t… Continue Reading …

Three Keys When Confronting Someone

If you had the opportunity to confront a person about a mistake they made, how would you go about it? What are a few key things you should consider when facing a friend with their problem? May I suggest three vital ideas that you must… Continue Reading …

How to Assess Yourself to See If You Are Mature

The most significant test to examine your maturity is how you responded when you did not get what you wanted, especially if what you hoped for was a good thing. Responding with humility to disappointment magnifies the strength of God through your weakness. And that… Continue Reading …