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Marriage Devotion Day 25 – Double Confession: How to Respond When Sinned Against

Day 25 - Double Confession_ How to Respond When Sinned Against

There are times when one spouse will sin against the other. The sinning spouse asks for forgiveness, and the offended spouse grants it. But something is missing: the offended spouse sinned in response to what happened to them, and they did not ask for forgiveness.… Continue Reading …

Day 30 – Husband’s Dilemma: I Lead You, I Sin Against You

Day 30 - Husband's Dilemma_ I Lead You - I Sin Against You

Biff does not want to lead his wife. He said that he felt like a hypocrite trying to lead his wife while sporadically sinning against her. Biff asked, “How can I lead her and sin against her at the same time?” Admittedly, Mable does not… Continue Reading …