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I Could Not Stay Angry and Progress in My Marriage

I Knew I Could Not Stay Angry In My Marriage

Transformation starts in a person’s soul as he relates to God while refusing to make excuses for why things are the way they are. The motivation for change must be a singular desire to glorify God while giving lesser consideration to the things happening in… Continue Reading …

Here Is Practical Help to Restore a Broken Marriage

Here Is Practical Help to Restore a Broken Marriage

Husbands and wives have a hard time putting a broken marriage back together. Typically, the expectations and disappointments create a backlog of unresolved conflict. When a couple gets to this point, pride becomes the unscaleable wall between them. They have lost the vision for Christ… Continue Reading …

Case Study: Procrastination

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Mable is 43 years old. She married Biff 21 years ago. She says she is in a good marriage. They get along well. Mable and Biff have been Christians for 35 years. He is an executive for a local accounting firm. Mable has been working… Continue Reading …