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Assessing My Heart the Morning after an American Election

Assessing My Heart the Morning After an American Election

There are two large groups of people in America today. They are the winners and the losers. The happy and the sad. The glad and the mad. The hopeful and the fearful. Which one are you on this morning after an American presidential election? What… Continue Reading …

Does It Really Matter Who Becomes Our Next President?

Does it really matter who becomes our next president_

What impact can the president of the United States have on our country? With so many moving political parts needed to make our country function well, can one person make that much difference? Is it possible that we have placed too much weight on the… Continue Reading …

Not Sure Who to Vote for This Year? Here’s the Perfect Candidate

Not Sure Who to Vote for This Year_ Here's the Perfect Candidate

In each election cycle, finding the best candidate can be a daunting and challenging task. To vote or not to vote is rarely the question, but who to vote for can be a problem. This year is no exception. The adage is true: what you… Continue Reading …

A Christian Perspective on the Presidential Election

A Christian Perspective On the Presidential Election

Perchance you have been living under a rock for the past few months, which has kept you out of the political loop, a presidential election is happening in the United States this coming November. Americans will go to the polls and cast ballots for the… Continue Reading …

When People Make Black Lives Matter to Destroy a Country

If black lives truly matter to you, and they should, then you will support the people who protect black lives the most. But unlike the narrative being propagated in mainstream media, it is not the liberal group Black Lives Matter, which exists to fund the… Continue Reading …

Who Are You Voting For As President This November?

Who Are You Voting For As President This November?

This presidential election cycle is my sixteenth. Admittedly, the first one I do not remember because I was one-year-old. It was 1960. I do remember the second one in 1964 but had no opinion other than keeping Lyndon Johnson in there since he had not… Continue Reading …

Sovereignty and Human Responsibility

From Mark Webb After giving a brief survey of these doctrines of sovereign grace, I asked for questions from the class. One lady, in particular, was quite troubled. She said, This is the most awful thing I’ve ever heard! You make it sound as if… Continue Reading …

How support for Donald Trump exposed the racism of the left

The question is a simple one: Does an American citizen who is legally registered to vote have the right to cast that vote for the candidate of his or her choice? Simple enough, right? Apparently not, as it depends on who you ask. The post-election… Continue Reading …