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Discipleship Is Not Primarily about Changing Circumstances

Imagine the Apostle Paul coming to you with a thorn stuck in his flesh, metaphorically speaking, and wanting your help. What would be your primary goal as you try to serve Paul? Would you try to help him change his circumstances primarily, or would you… Continue Reading …

The Number One Key to Endure a Relationship

Your most satisfying relationships will be the ones you endured, not the ones you severed because the way became hard for you. This truth makes endurance an essential element to have fulfilling relationships. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud,… Continue Reading …

Surviving Suicide — When You’re Left Alone

Surviving Suicide—When You're Left Alone

Surviving Suicide. Death. Look at that word. Say it out loud. There is nothing happy about the word. It is gray, dark, sad, and hopeless. It is unflinching and unyielding. It makes no apologies. It is the point of no return. It is the end… Continue Reading …

God Is Incrementally, Systematically, And Purposely Putting You To Death

God Is Incrementally Putting You To Death

Dying to yourself is the hardest thing you will ever learn. And it’s not a one-time appointment with God. Death to self is a repeated act of submitting yourself to the Lord. The good news is that He helps you in this life-long process by… Continue Reading …

Day 5 – Teen Devotion: Wait Until You Get a Boss

Day 5 – Teen Devotion_ Wait Until You Get a Boss

Not getting all you want is a precursor to the rest of your life. Perhaps you believe that not getting what you want is just a child thing. It’s not! But I have some fantastic news for you. If you learn how to respond to… Continue Reading …

God Calls You to Suffer

The situational difficulties you face are the contexts that reveal your heart, which is how your faith and obedience are purified. These relational and situational challenges are also your opportunities to follow Jesus in the Christian’s call to suffer. Listen to the podcast You may… Continue Reading …