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Every Christian Should Be Counseling; It’s God’s Call on Our Lives

One of the unintended consequences of the biblical counseling movement is that counseling is for a select number of Christians. Though God has blessed the biblical counseling movement over several decades, one of the problems with the unprecedented growth is that we forgot to tell… Continue Reading …

A Tempting Facade for Defense That Further Enslaves the Abused

A Tempting Facade for Defense that Further Enslaves the Abused

Counseling abuse situations is challenging. The temptations to succumb to bad strategies are numerous. One of those is teaching the abused to fake strength to prove to their abuser that gaslighting and manipulation have no power. It’s an attractive facade of a defense that further… Continue Reading …

Take the “Am I a Counselor?” Test

Biblical counseling has generally been part of a two-tier Christian system: those who can counsel and those who cannot. The average Biff, the pew sitter on Sunday morning would more than likely recommend a counselor to someone than offer counsel to them. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Aspiring Counselor Wannabe

Case Study_ The Aspiring Counselor Wannabe

Biff is 42 years old. He has been working on the production line at the local tire manufacturing facility for the past 18 years. He’s an excellent employee and is well-liked by his peers. He is someone you can always rely on if you want… Continue Reading …

What Is Discipleship? How Do You Do It? Why Does It Matter?

In recent local church history, discipleship is more about studying the Bible alone, but when all dysfunction breaks loose in a marriage or family, it’s time for counseling. This approach to caring for others is sad to me because discipleship has always been the church’s… Continue Reading …

How Can I Become a Biblical Counselor Like You?

Every Christian is a biblical counselor, but God did not create all believers equally. We have different gifts, and the Lord has various plans for all of us. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses while “filling up” your capacities according to the Lord’s design are vital… Continue Reading …