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I Met a Christian Who Refuses to Walk Away from His Sin

I Met a Christian Who Refuses to Walk Away From His Sin

Can a Christian walk away from God? To help work through this question, we must first recognize and accept that Christianity is not neat, and sin has never been respectful of our preferred categories. We also have to admit that this conversation is subjective in… Continue Reading …

How to Respond to a Gossiper Who Wants Me to Do More

How to Respond to the Grumbling Church Member Who Wants More

Have you been on the receiving end of gossip? How did you respond? What did your reaction reveal about your walk with the Lord? One of the most challenging relational opportunities is when someone gossips about you. When it happens, there are several options for… Continue Reading …

How Am I to Know When or When Not to Respond to a Fool?

How I'm to Know When and When Not to Respond to a Fool_

Proverbs 26:4-5 says that I’m supposed to respond to a fool, and then it says that I’m not to respond to a fool. What is the difference? How am I to know when I should respond to a foolish person or move on with my… Continue Reading …

Three Keys When Confronting Someone

If you had the opportunity to confront a person about a mistake they made, how would you go about it? What are a few key things you should consider when facing a friend with their problem? May I suggest three vital ideas that you must… Continue Reading …

How To Help a Double-Minded Person Ruled by Fear or Faith

How to Help a Double Minded Person

Every person has two heads. The human community is a world of two-headed people. James called this double-mindedness. At times we think and act one way, and at other times we think and act another way. You may want to read: Do You Know What… Continue Reading …