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When Christians Manipulate the Trinity to Push Forth Their Agenda

When a Christian Manipulates the Trinity to Push Forth Their Agenda

Our God is triune. No true Christian denies this, but how exactly to articulate this truth eludes most believers. Because of our limited knowledge or more nefarious purposes, we may insert our personal views into our theology of the Trinity, which manipulates the Trinity to… Continue Reading …

With Respect and Humility, It Can Be Okay to Disagree

When It’s Okay to Go Against Your Husband’s Wishes

There may be times in life when the best way for you to honor the Lord is to disagree with those who have limited authority over you. Total subservience to anyone without hope for appeal or alternatives is not in line with God’s Word. The… Continue Reading …

How a Wife Can Lead Her Husband

A wife can be a husband’s most significant asset or his most significant liability. I think most of us know this, but I wonder how many wives have thought through how to be an asset to their husbands by humbly leading them while submitted to… Continue Reading …

Going Over Your Husband’s Head to Help Him

It is easy for a person to confuse their various roles. A wife can be a sister, mother, employer, employee, church member, citizen, etc. A narrow or wrong view of her roles can limit all God has for her. One of the misguided roles that… Continue Reading …

Marriage Devotion Day 19 – The Blessing of the Reciprocal Marriage

Marriage Devotion Day Day 19 – The Blessing of the Reciprocal Marriage

There is a hierarchy to a marriage where the husband leads and the wife follows. But did you know that there is a circularity, too? Each spouse is dependent upon the other. The reciprocality and mutual dependence of the two are what gives strength to… Continue Reading …