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Are You Happy? Time for a Post-Christmas Follow Up

Are You Happy Time for a Post-Christmas Follow Up (1)

We express satisfaction about something based on how much we value it. The formula is “value creates satisfaction.” If we don’t value it, we won’t find satisfaction with it. For example, if you have received a long-anticipated or cherished gift, you responded with joy because… Continue Reading …

The Gospel Is More Than a Birth-to-Death Story

The Gospel Is More Than a Birth-to-Death Story

The gospel is more than a birth-to-death story. The life and death of Christ are part of an incredible golden chain that reaches from eternity past to eternity future. The best news of all is that we can enjoy the full benefits of the gospel… Continue Reading …

You Can Choose to Be Part of a Christmas Surprise

You Can Choose To Be Part Of a Christmas Surprise

Christmas has never been about glitter, has it? Or bright twinkling lights. It’s about being “the servant of the Lord” and about giving yourself to meet the needs of others. That’s how God did it in Jesus. He gave Himself—a tiny babe, perfect, sinless—to meet… Continue Reading …

Enjoying the Cultural and Christian Christmas

The Christmas season is a double blessing for the believer. We get to celebrate the birth of Christ, a pivotal point of the gospel narrative. And we can enjoy the cultural Christmas too. It’s okay to engage the things of this world if your heart… Continue Reading …

The Santa Claus Question: What Do I Tell My Children?

The Santa Claus Question What Do I Tell My Children

Rick, what are your thoughts on Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy as far as what you tell your kids? Do you say these characters are real or not? Is this harmless fun, or is there a problem with deception going on here?… Continue Reading …

Are You Generous? Understanding a Theology of Gift-Giving

Are You Generous Understanding a Theology of Gift-Giving

On Christmas day, people all over the world exchange presents. It is a cultural event full of fun memories. I do like many aspects of the cultural Christmas but, sadly, Christmas loses its meaning for many people because of its secularization. For them, Christmas is… Continue Reading …

Dealing with Difficult Relatives During the Holidays

Dealing With Relatives During the Holidays

Loving others the way God loves you can be a challenge anytime, but the difficulty intensifies during the holidays because some family members rub you the wrong way. There are two kinds of people in the world: Christians and non-Christians. Within these two groups are… Continue Reading …

No Thanks for Thanksgiving: Confession of a Former Lonely Man

No Thanks for Thanksgiving

As a former lonely man who dreaded the holidays, I know encouragement from a friend can make all the difference in the world. The holidays can amplify what we don’t have, and if a person is not relationally connected, this season intended for special memories… Continue Reading …