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A Good Goal for Husbands: Stop Trying to Be a Good Husband

The Perfect Goal For a Husband Is Not to Be a Good Husband

No doubt, being a good husband is a good goal. And you can throw in being a good wife too. You could say the same thing for being a good dad, mother, child, employer, employee, or a good friend. All of these roles are important,… Continue Reading …

Here Is Some Motivation to Love That Pain In Your Neck

Motivation for the Pain In Your Neck

Let’s free associate: name a couple of people in your life that you cringe when you think about them. How about the person you would rather not be around? They are a pain in your neck. Do you have at least one in your mind?… Continue Reading …

The Dynamics of the Old and New Selves

After salvation, the struggles with sin and self continue to be practically active in your life. It’s critical for you to understand these dynamics of putting off the old self and putting on a new person so you can abide in the satisfying life of… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 2 – Quality Parenting Comes From Good Marriages

Parenting Devotion, Day 2 – Quality Parenting Comes From Good Marriages

The Bible is not a parenting book, which is why it gives so little parenting advice. It is a relationship book. Rather than providing you with parenting tips, it provides you with a plethora of information about how to have great relationships within any community… Continue Reading …

Marriage Devotion Day 2 – Who Pays for Your Spouse’s Sins?

Who Pays for Your Spouse's Sins

When your spouse sins, who pays for it? Do you make your spouse pay for what they did wrong, or do you take your spouse to Jesus and show them how His death is enough punishment to remove the transgression? Too often, the offended spouse… Continue Reading …