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What Are You to Do When God Does Not Respond Like You Hoped?

What Are You to Do When God Does Not Respond Like You Hoped

Humans were created for worship; it’s part of our ontology—the nature of our being—as determined by our Creator. You will worship something. If you worship the living God in spirit and truth, you will be transformed into His likeness; if you worship any version of… Continue Reading …

Thinking of Yourself as Victim Is One of the Worst Things You Can Do

Thinking of Yourself As Victim Is One of the Worst Things You Can Do001

Daniel Berger and I talked about the word victim and how many biblical counselors are abusing the term, which has led to insufficient care within the biblical counseling movement ranks. Daniel told me the word victim comes from the Latin root vicarious, which means taking… Continue Reading …

Do You Think It’s Right to Correct My Authoritarian Husband?

Do You Think It's Right to Correct My Authoritarian Husband?

No human has absolute authority over another. This perspective should be common sense, but it’s not for everyone. A dictatorial husband and father can put wives and children in a difficult spot, which begs the question, do you think it’s right to correct my authoritarian… Continue Reading …

When You Can’t See What You Need to See

One of the bigger misunderstandings in the church today is how some people believe that a personal relationship with God is a private matter. To these folks, to follow Jesus does not mean that you follow Him into a personal experience with other believers. Listen… Continue Reading …

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar: Thoughts on Feminism

A person’s experience can be so powerful and painful that it discolors how they see life, even how they interpret God’s Word. Being blind to your blindness is the worst kind of blindness, which is where the feminist culture is today. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …

Day 20 – Teen Devotion: Voice Training

Day 20 - Teen Devotion_ Voice Training

God gave every person an internal moral thermostat. It’s their conscience, also called your inner voice. It can be a means of grace to help you change, or it can be your worst enemy. How do you biblically train your conscience? How can you distort… Continue Reading …