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The Reason I Stopped Hating My Dad Was Life-Changing

The Reason I Stopped Hating My Dad Was Life-Changing

Every child to varying degrees is treated poorly by a parent. I wish I had another story to tell. Victimization is not okay or straightforward, but it is a fact about the fallout of fallenness. If the child does not know how to process the… Continue Reading …

The Problem with Cursing the Sun

The Problem With Cursing the Sun

God promised that life would be challenging because of the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:17-19), and all those who came from the first couple would struggle similarly (Romans 5:12). From the fall of humanity to the end of… Continue Reading …

When the Thing That Protects You Becomes Your Prison

When the Thing that Protects You Becomes Your Prison

Some relationships can become so painful that you must retreat while implementing self-protective measures to prevent being hurt again. The unintended consequence is that the strategies for protection can imprison you, which is what happened to Mable. Her husband was harming her so she did… Continue Reading …

Helping a Girl Who Longs for a Relationship with Her Mother

Many teenagers still long for a relationship with their parents, but they are unsure how to have one or what their role could be in thinking correctly about a parent and the possibility of restoring what the parent has broken. You may want to read:… Continue Reading …

The Power of Unforgiveness When Used as a Weapon

The Power of Unforgiveness When Used As a Weapon

There are times in some relationships when a person will utilize unforgiveness as a tool for self-protection. These things happen after a person has been hurting for a while. They have been significantly frustrated and disappointed with someone. You must tread carefully, though courageously, when… Continue Reading …

How to Connect the Gospel to Being Left Alone

How to Connect the Gospel to Being Left Alone

How you think about life determines how you practically respond to life. Living in a broken world is hard, chaotic, stressful, and challenging. And if you have a skewed understanding of the doctrines of man, sin, salvation, and the Lord, you will not engage your… Continue Reading …

How to Solve the Mystery to Enjoy the Abundant Life

How to Solve the Mystery and Enjoy an Abundant Life

To find joy and contentment—part of what it means to have an abundant life—you must understand the spiritual blessings you already possess and recognize how the “call to die” brings those things (Luke 9:23). We all want to live happy and exciting lives. We mentally… Continue Reading …

A Believing Believer Lives Practically What They Believe

It is possible to be a Christian and struggle with personal problems. Distinguishing between struggling believers versus unbelievers who wrestle with similar issues is critical. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud, TuneIn, or Stitcher. If you want to comment… Continue Reading …

Abuse, Suffering, and Other Painful Disappointments

It takes grace, courage, faith, humility, patience, and a passion for wanting to grow in your walk with God. And though it’s a counterintuitive worldview, suffering is one of the primary means the Lord uses to mature us. Listen to the podcast You may want… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Nagging Wife

Case Study_ The Nagging Wife

People picked on Mable all her life. Her parents were never satisfied with her. Mable’s earliest memories of her parents were their displeasure with her. They were more interested in how Mable looked in social contexts than how she was doing personally. This fear-based model… Continue Reading …