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Assessing My Heart the Morning after an American Election

Assessing My Heart the Morning After an American Election

There are two large groups of people in America today. They are the winners and the losers. The happy and the sad. The glad and the mad. The hopeful and the fearful. Which one are you on this morning after an American presidential election? What… Continue Reading …

Does It Really Matter Who Becomes Our Next President?

Does it really matter who becomes our next president_

What impact can the president of the United States have on our country? With so many moving political parts needed to make our country function well, can one person make that much difference? Is it possible that we have placed too much weight on the… Continue Reading …

When You Finally Realize That God Is Not an American

When You Finally Realize That God Is Not an American

What if God is not an American, and His primary concern is not to keep us from having first-world problems? Is it possible that the Lord has other plans than our pursuit of happiness, and that He may not be totally on board with our… Continue Reading …