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Number One Key When Working Through Relational Conflict

The first step in resolving relational conflict with someone is to examine your heart while addressing your attitude toward the person with which you have conflict. Listen to the podcast You may want to read: Rick’s 31-Day Marriage Devotional Rick’s 31-Day Parenting Devotional Rick’s 31-Day… Continue Reading …

The Joy-Depleting Problem Of Being Reared In a Christian Home

We don’t like thinking about our awfulness because we resist the biblical declaration that we’re rotten to the core (Isaiah 64:6). A person with a high view of himself gets hung up on his fallenness. Ironically, it is the acceptance of your wickedness that releases… Continue Reading …

Day 16 – Teen Devotion: Your Local Church

Day 16 – Teen Devotion_ Your Local Church

The Bible’s timeline for sanctification is from new birth (regeneration) to a new body (glorification). The primary contexts for your salvation and ongoing sanctification to happen are the family and local church. In this devotional, I am addressing the dearest place on earth outside your… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 14 – Love Your Children Just ‘Cause

Parenting, Day 14 - Love Your Children Just 'Cause

One of the most practical things a parent could do for their children is to love them just ’cause. You don’t need a reason other than they are your kids. God loves you that way. For by grace you have been saved through faith. And… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 25 – A Secret Weapon to Motivate A Child to Change

Parenting, Day 25 Secret Weapon to Motivate a Child to Change

When you think about your heavenly Father, you are immediately aware of His kindness, patience, forbearance, and affection for you. These thoughts about your heavenly Father are fundamental because how He treats you is how you are to treat others, especially your children. Do you… Continue Reading …