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Day 9 – Teen Devotion: Life Has Losers, and You May Be One

Day 9 – Teen Devotion_ Life Has Losers, And You May Be One001

Schools and sports may have done away with winners and losers, but life has not. After you enter the adult world, do not expect a participation award just for showing up. The real world does not function that way. The things that happen in the… Continue Reading …

Parenting, Day 1 – Parenting From Zero To Adulthood

Parenting Devotion, Day 1 - Parenting From Zero To Adulthood

The parenting goal is to release your child into adulthood as an individual living under God’s authority for His glory. This parenting process happens in three stages, Dependent Stage – 0 to 2. Interdependent Stage – 2 to 22. Independent Stage – 22+. And these… Continue Reading …