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Can a Christian Divorce Another Christian For Abuse?

Can a Christian Divorce Another Christian For Abuse

Few things in our culture today are sadder than the deterioration of the family. It matters no longer if you’re a Christian because that does not insulate you from sin’s encroachments. One of the more horrendous iterations of these attacks is when one spouse is… Continue Reading …

Interview With a Victim of Adultery

Adultery is a “form of death” that causes a “grief” like something died. In a way, there was a death. The difference is that there can be a “resurrection” of the marriage, but that does not change the grief. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts… Continue Reading …

Case Study: The Spear You Sharpen May Stab You In the Heart

The Spear You Sharpen May Stab You In the Heart

Five years ago Mable met Biff and had a whirlwind dating relationship. They were impure but rationalized what they were doing by marrying hastily. Though friends had reservations about them marrying, no one spoke into their lives because the couple kept themselves at arm’s length… Continue Reading …

Case Study: I Will Forgive But Never Forget

Case Study_ I Will Forgive But I'll Never Forget

Mable caught her husband, Biff, with another woman. After months of counseling, tears, and repentance Biff has come clean with Mable and is working to restore his relationship with her, the Lord, and their children. Over the past year, he has sinned in many other… Continue Reading …

Watching Tiger – Watching Me

(I first ran this article on November 30, 2009. On May 29, 2017, Tiger was arrested for suspicion of DUI.) Most people are aware of the ongoing and unfolding drama in the Tiger Woods home in Orlando, FL (November 27, 2009). If you have not, you… Continue Reading …