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Instructive Synonyms for People-Pleasing, Insecurity, or Fear of Man

RMlogo Synonyms for insecurity or fear of man

Insecurity, peer-pressure, or fear of man has many names. You can examine yourself to see how much you struggle with insecurity. The labels below are synonyms or characteristics to what we call fear of man biblically.

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  • Insecure
  • People Pleaser
  • Self-Conscious
  • Given to Gossip
  • Afraid of Failure
  • Given to Shyness
  • Easily Embarrassed
  • Has to Be In Control
  • Avoidance of Others
  • Competitive With Others
  • A Craving to Be Approved
  • Reactionary and Defensive
  • Can’t Handle Rejection Well
  • Struggle With Over-Sensitivity
  • Controlled By the Opinions of Others
  • Will Confront Others In a Public Forum

The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe. – Proverbs 29:25

The person who struggles with fear of man has a misplaced faith. Here are two helpful ways to think about faith:

  • Insecurity Defined: Placing your faith, hope, trust, confidence, or belief in something or someone that can be taken away.
  • Security Defined: Placing your faith, hope, trust, confidence, or belief in something or someone that cannot be taken away.

There are only two things that cannot be taken away:

  1. The living Word, who is Christ
  2. The written Word, which is the Bible.

Christ and His Word are eternal, and they can never be taken away. If you have placed your faith in Christ, based on His Word, you will be experiencing security. If your faith is not secure and settled in Christ and His Word, you will experience insecurity.

Only your hope can make you secure. And your level of insecurity is a commentary on the kind of hope you have. I trust that Christ and His Word are what controls, governs, and directs your life. If this is true for you, you have transcending peace.

If you struggle with life-crippling insecurity or if Christ has not saved you, would you contact us to let us know your struggle? I’d love to point you in a better direction. Christ is that better direction, but sometimes we just need a little help.

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